Getaway: the hidden gem of Entre Ríos that has beautiful beaches and where only a thousand people live

Getaway: the hidden gem of Entre Ríos that has beautiful beaches and where only a thousand people live

I discovered the history of this typical coastal town, whose name was inspired by an immigrant who donated hundreds of hectares for its creation.

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On the coast of Entre Rios, Argentina, there is a coastal town that shares a name with a European country. This small enclave, located near Concorda prominent city in the province, is a quiet destination with less than a thousand residents and basic services for visitors.

Just like many of the Argentine cities, especially in the region of Mesopotamia, many Europeans who fled the world war settled in lands that were practically uninhabited or that did not have any type of political or geographical organization. New Scotland It is one of the many examples, which have now been transformed into emerging tourist spots ideal for a getaway.


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What to do in Nova Scotia, Entre Ríos

In 1888, Nova Scotia saw its beginning when The Scot William R. Scand arrived from Europe looking for a change of life. He established a ceramics factory in the area, which soon prospered economically. Buoyed by his success, Scand expanded his holdings and eventually He donated 100 hectares of land to found the town on the Entre Ríos Coast. The only condition he imposed was that the settlement bear the name “Nova Scotia”, in honor of his native land.

The main attraction of Nova Scotia is its extensive beaches, ideal for walking, swimming in the Uruguay River, sunbathing and participating in sports activities in the sand. In addition, it offers facilities for boats to navigate and fish in the river; as well as you can also visit an old grocery store from 1898 that preserves part of its original structure, and a camping with views of the river.

How to get to Nova Scotia, Entre Ríos

To get to New Scotlandit is recommended to take National Route 14 and head south of the city of Concord, in the province of Entre Ríos. When arriving in Concordia, it is important to pay attention to detours. A suggested option is to take the “Access to Puerto Yeruá“, located near the intersection between the Route 14 and 16. From there, you advance through rural roads which lead to the charming town with Scottish influences.




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