César Luis Menotti died: what was his last public appearance like?

César Luis Menotti died: what was his last public appearance like?

César Luis Menotti diedthe first world champion coach with the Argentine National Team, at 85 years. The news was confirmed by the Argentine Football Association.

In his last public appearance, two weeks ago in an interview conducted on Splendid radio, he was heard lucid and reflected on Sports Joint Stock Companies: “A football club is a cultural fact that in Argentina was manufactured through street corners. of the neighborhoods, It’s not that great economic powers came and they said: ‘Let’s create clubs.’ The club is created by the neighborhood, the neighbors and the dreams of the new generations who continue to defend them.”

On that occasion, he also analyzed the present of the Argentine national team and revealed that Ángel Di María He is his favorite Scaloneta player.

“ANDHe’s a generous kid… Look, he has been treated disrespectfully without any recognition when for me he was the figure of the Argentine National Team. He played better than everyone, including the greats, with his character and his little face of nothing”, he remarked when referring to the Benfica man.

And he added: “It is a great joy that he is now recognized because he is one of the best players in the history of Argentine football in terms of his participation in the world of football. Review where he played, how he played and ask his teammates. “He never sold smoke.”

César Luis Menotti: his health problem

César Luis Menotti had been admitted at the end of March to a sanatorium in the city of Buenos Aires for a picture of “severe anemia”.

In recent days, the Skinny, 85 years old, had been feeling very weak and had not left his house. Despite her domestic care, The condition worsened and they decided to hospitalize him.

While he hasn’t been seen publicly much recently, Menotti is the National Director of Teams and was a key actor in the process of Scaloneta. The former technical director of Independiente, Boca and Barcelona, ​​among many other clubs, was one of those consulted by Claudio Chiqui Tapiapresident of the AFA, when ratifying Lionel Scaloni leading the team that would later become champions of the Copa América, the Finalísima and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Unfortunately, Menotti’s health had to suffer in recent times. For that reason, the Skinny He could not travel to the World Cup in Qatar. At the end of August 2023, too, it had already been in the news for an hospitalization. On that occasion He had suffered a fall at home that caused internal bleeding., for which he was hospitalized. A few days later he was discharged and returned to his house. Some time before, in 2011, a nodule was removed from his lung.

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