Heinz Hoenig: Great willingness to help the sick star

Heinz Hoenig: Great willingness to help the sick star

Heinz Hoenig is seriously ill. A call for donations for the star, who does not have health insurance, is currently raising almost 90,000 euros.

There is still great concern for Heinz Hoenig (72): The seriously ill actor is waiting for an operation in a Berlin hospital. Since he doesn’t have health insurance, a fundraiser was recently launched. Since then, tens of thousands of euros have been raised to support Hoenig.

The acting star, known, among other things, for the 1981 film “Das Boot” was put into an artificial coma after an initial procedure, from which he has now woken up, according to his wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig. She was able to exchange her first words with her husband on Monday morning.

He is suffering from a bacterial infection that damaged a stent on his heart that was inserted in 2012. Now his aorta needs to be replaced, as Kärsten-Hoenig also explained to “Bild” at the weekend. He also has a hole in his esophagus.

Almost 90,000 euros in donations so far

By the time this article was published, more than 88,300 euros had been collected. The fundraising goal of the campaign organized by Ralph Siegel’s (78) agency “Siegelring” was previously lower, but is now currently at 150,000 euros. The page explains it like this:

“In view of the recent deterioration of Heinz Hoenig’s health due to a discovered hole in his esophagus, we have increased the donation goal,” it said. “The upcoming operation to correct the problem will involve significant costs.” These costs included not only the interventions, but also accommodation costs and those for medical care during the actor’s recovery.

Source: Stern

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