Students received an extra prize of US$500,000 for winning the title

Students received an extra prize of US$500,000 for winning the title

Conmebol granted that sum to the AFA and the latter decided to give this check to the La Plata club that was crowned champion yesterday. Claudio Tapia was representing AFA and the person who received him was the vice president of “Pincha”, Martín Gorostegui.


The CONMEBOL, based on the agreement of financial assistance to the different associations, He gave the AFA US$500,000 and, in turn, the mother house of Argentine football awarded it to Estudiantes for being crowned champion of the Professional Football League yesterday.

“Pincha” added one more star to their record by beating Vélez on penalties yesterday and won their second title in less than 5 months, since at the end of last year they had won the Argentine Cup.

In addition to the sporting achievement, and having obtained the ticket for the 2025 edition of the Copa Libertadores, Estudiantes de La Plata secured US$5,000,000, as a result of the support of CONMEBOL through its Financial Assistance program. The amount is transferred to the Member Associations, who then pass it on to the different champions of their tournaments, in this case the AFA, through its president Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, gave it to the vice president of Estudiantes, Martin Gorostegui, who traveled with the delegation representing Estudiantes, since its head, Juan Sebastián Verón, did not travel to Santiago del Estero.

In addition to the US$500 thousand, the La Plata entity will bag the 70% of the total revenue from the sale of tickets to the final that was played at the Madre de Ciudades Stadium in Santiago del Estero.

Conmebol contribution

From 2022 each Association receives money with the intention of increasing competitiveness and strengthening the clubs. Each Member has the permission to divide the amount into two prizes, with the condition that said tournament grants the champion teams direct qualification to the Group Stage of the Copa Libertadores.

On the other hand, this award does not conflict with the others awarded by CONMEBOL, but is additional to the teams participating in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

Students, so far Libertadores Cup, Just for participating, he has been paid $1 million per game. Upon completion of the group stage it is US$6 million.

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