Dramatic “The Kardashians” trailer: Kris Jenner’s tumor found

Dramatic “The Kardashians” trailer: Kris Jenner’s tumor found

Concern for Kris Jenner: In the trailer for the fifth season of the in-house reality show “The Kardashians” she receives a worrying finding.

The fifth season of “The Kardashians” starts on May 23rd. The streaming service “Hulu” has now released a first trailer for the new episodes of the reality show about Kim Kardashian (43) and her famous family. The clip on YouTube raises concerns about the head of the family, Kris Jenner (68). “I had my scan. They found a cyst and a small tumor,” the “momager” explains seriously to her family in the excerpt. She was previously shown talking to a doctor in a clinic.

The trailer does not reveal what type of tumor it is or any further information about the necessary treatments. You can just see how Jenner’s youngest daughter Kylie Jenner (26) bursts into tears after the news and has to be comforted by her sister Kendall Jenner (28).

Kris Jenner has to cope with a stroke of fate

Kris Jenner is currently not having an easy time. Her sister Karen Houghton (1958-2024) died unexpectedly in March. “She has such a huge part of my heart and I cherish every single memory we have together. Karen’s death is a reminder that life is so short and precious and tomorrow is never promised,” mourned TV personality Karen Houghton cardiac arrest.

The lives of Kris Jenner and her children Kourtney (45), Kim, Khloé (39), Robert (37), Kendall and Kylie have been followed by cameras since 2007. In 2021, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” ended after 20 seasons and the successor show “The Kardashians” premiered.

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