Sunny start to Mother’s Day – this is what the weather will be like in the coming days

Sunny start to Mother’s Day – this is what the weather will be like in the coming days
Gifts for mom can be given on Sunday when the sun is initially bright

After a sunny start to the day, Friday During the day, denser cloud fields pass in medium-high layers, but do not bring any significant precipitation. Geosphere Austria predicted on Thursday that sunny weather will prevail again towards the evening. Early temperatures of three to ten degrees and daily maximum temperatures of 17 to 22 degrees can be expected.

The Eastern Alpine region will remain under the influence of high air pressure and a weak northerly current even at the weekend. After a sunny start to the… Saturday Extensive cloud fields pass by, especially over the eastern half, again without precipitation. In the west, sunshine prevails alongside flat, clustered clouds. There will be light to moderate winds from the north, with early temperatures of four to ten degrees and daytime maximum temperatures of 17 to 23 degrees.

Mother’s Day will initially be sunny

At the Sunday – Mother’s Day – the sun shines quite often at first. From later in the morning, more and more cumulus clouds form, followed by a few partly thundery showers, especially over the eastern half. From the late afternoon onwards the showers will become less frequent and the clouds fewer. The wind is light to moderate from northwest to east. In the morning the temperatures range from three to twelve degrees, in the afternoon between 17 and 25 degrees, with the highest values ​​in the west and southwest.

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Until later in the morning it is on Monday sunny at least for a while. A lot of cluster clouds will then form, followed by some rain showers and local thunderstorms, especially in the west, south and southeast. The wind blows light to moderate from northeast to south. The early temperatures are between four and twelve degrees, the afternoon temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees.

Over the western half of Austria change on Tuesday Clouds and sunny periods. Rain showers or thunderstorms should be planned throughout the day, most of them in the afternoon. Further east there will be at least occasional sunshine and it will mostly stay dry. The wind is weak to moderate, strong to strong along the north side of the Alps and partly in the east, from the east to the southwest. The minimum temperatures are five to 13 degrees, the daily maximum temperatures are 18 to 27 degrees.

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