Jungle legend Hanka Rackwitz: “I don’t want sex anymore either”

Jungle legend Hanka Rackwitz: “I don’t want sex anymore either”

Jungle legend Hanka Rackwitz has offered an honest insight into her isolated new life away from the TV cameras.

The participants for the 20th anniversary of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” have been confirmed since Monday (May 13th). In addition to other jungle camp legends such as Kader Loth (51), Daniela Büchner (46) and Gigi Birofio (24), the former TV broker Hanka Rackwitz (55) is also taking part in “I’m a Star – Showdown of the Jungle Legends”, and fights for the title “Legend of the Jungle Story”. But in contrast to her fellow campers, things had become quiet around the 55-year-old in recent years. Rackwitz now gave the broadcaster RTL an insight into her new life away from the TV cameras.

Hanka Rackwitz has withdrawn from the public eye

On the eleventh season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” The former “Big Brother” participant came second in 2017 – behind jungle king Marc Terenzi (45). Since then, the woman, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and contact phobia, has led a withdrawn life. “I’ve been sitting on the couch with my cat for about six years, not putting on make-up, putting on ugly clothes – because I had no money at all,” she reports in an interview.

Even a planned return to normal life away from the TV public didn’t really work out, reveals Rackwitz, who was a real estate agent on the VOX show “Rent, Buy, Live” from 2009 to 2016. “I’ve been trying to get back to real life for the last six years. But that doesn’t want me. I haven’t managed to find a job anywhere,” she explains. And even if she did manage to get a job, she would be thrown out “really quickly. The worst thing was one day.”

Hanka Rackwitz on sex: “It’s always the same”

Things don’t seem to be going any better for Rackwitz in love either. The jungle legend reveals that she has also sworn off intimacy and physical closeness. “I don’t want sex anymore either. I’ve had enough. It’s always the same. In. Out. Mickey Mouse. Nope.” Her summary of her past years is: “Well, I’ve become very, very isolated.”

It seems all the more courageous that she is now daring to make a TV comeback and step back into the public eye. “I am a Star – Showdown of the Jungle Legends” is scheduled to be broadcast on RTL at the end of August. The exact broadcast date will be revealed soon.

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