The dairy sector warned that the deterioration of rural roads affects production

The dairy sector warned that the deterioration of rural roads affects production

The government is advancing with measures and announced an agreement to improve road conditions in Río Negro.

The dairy sector demands an improvement in rural roads.

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The National Milk Producers Association (ANPL) expressed its concern about the conditions of the rural road since they assure that it harms both the production and delivery of products; Meanwhile, the government announced an improvement in the roads of Black river.

This Tuesday, the ANPL met to review the issues that concern the sector and the conditions of rural roads were one of the main topics raised by almost all the country’s representatives. So much so, that they are analyzing the possibility of writing and delivering a letter to the Council of Mayors in search of an answer.

“The issue is affecting producers, and in some cases significantly, for access to dairy farms, there is a really complex issue,” said the president of the ANPL, Nestor Cabrera, to El País. “Maximum efforts must be made, because we pay taxes to have adequate roads,” he added.

In that sense, he assured that the most affected roads are those in the north of the country “because the distance between the properties is longer, and in the core area where we are there is greater proximity between the producers and the plants.” The president explained that there were also complications in entering the dairy farms where trucks had to be towed.

On the other hand, he commented on the association’s intentions to reach Council of Mayors. “It is not beyond us that the climate situation has overflowed, and we know that the issue is complicated for the mayors, but there are situations in which the roads are in poor condition, and we are looking at the possibility of bringing the concern to the Congress of Mayors,” said.

Government agreement to repair roads in Río Negro

In return, the Executive announced an agreement signed between the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) and the Municipality of Río Negro which has the objective of adapting a section of the departmental road between Paso de la Cruz and Paso de los Mellizos, through assistance and financing of a series of works.

The intentions of the agreement are to improve conditions for the transportation of agricultural, livestock, and forestry production in the area. The work will include road widening, culverts, river drainage, signage and bridge reinforcement.

The MTOP will intervene over an approximate distance of 27 kilometers and with an investment of approximately 47,000,000 pesos. Meanwhile, the total financing will be made up of funds provided by the aforementioned mayor through the Productive Rural Road Program, the company UPM and the ministry.

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