Netflix: the innovative 9-minute film that will make you move to tears

Netflix: the innovative 9-minute film that will make you move to tears

This is an original short film from the platform and, as always happens, words are unnecessary to experience all kinds of sensations.

Among an extensive catalog of series and movies, Netflix sometimes surprises us with very exciting short films that transmit an enormous amount of emotions. Canvas is one of them. Written and directed by Frank E. Abney III, it tells a story that challenges us through the senses.

Its duration is only 9 minutes and it is animated. The main themes are family relationships, old age, disability and art. All condensed in a short time, treated with intensity and clarity. You’ll probably shed more than one tear, but it’s worth watching.

What Canvas is about, Netflix animated short

Canvas account the story of an elderly man who is going through a great crisis. Firstly, he suffers from deep depression due to the death of his wife, in addition to hearing loss and overwhelmed by a creative block from which he cannot escape to develop his main passion: painting.

The routine shows him getting out of bed to sit in his wheelchair, moving towards his easel and canvas without any painting ideas presenting themselves. But one day, when stopping at the entrance to his house, he sees his daughter and his granddaughter, who came to visit him, get out of the car. Although her daughter is also sad about losing her mother, her granddaughter presents herself as a mischievous and fun girl who little by little returns the old man’s passion for painting.

Trailer for Canvas, Netflix animated short

Embed – Canvas | Official Trailer | Netflix

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