Yamandú Orsi regains his advantage within the Broad Front after the support of Mario Bergara

Yamandú Orsi regains his advantage within the Broad Front after the support of Mario Bergara

The presidential candidate Yamandu Orsi once again clearly imposes itself within the Broad Front, according to a survey by Consulting Teams that begins to reflect the impact of the decline in the application of Mario Bergara, at the request of the former mayor of Canelones.

In this way, the poll carried out in April places Orsi with 53% of voting intention in the guided question modality, against 37% of his main internal rival, Carolina Cosse. This data contrasts strongly with the February scenario, where the internal Frente Amplista declared itself in a virtual technical tie, with the referent of the MPP accumulating 45% of the adhesions and its main contender only one point.

The Consulting Teams study, carried out between April 11 and 28, with a mixed methodology (in person and by telephone) between Uruguayans who feel “close or very close” to political parties, revealed that Bergara’s loss favored Orsi’s chances.

Based on the February study, it can be seen that Bergara added 7%, while the former mayor of Canelones grew 8% in the last two months. At the same time, a decrease of 7 percentage points was detected in Cosse’s application, with a growth of Andres Lima, which went from 2% to 6%. Meanwhile, the undecided They also increased, going from 2% to the current 4%.


Oscillations among voters of the Frente Amplio almost a month before the internal elections

On the other hand, among the responses spontaneous, Orsi accumulates 40% of the preferences, while cosse reaches 27%. Meanwhile, despite his resignation, Bergara remains at 2% and Lime reaches 1%, below Jose Mujica (2%), while 1 in 4 Frente Amplistas (26%) still does not express spontaneous preferences.

With this data, Consulting Teams observed that the FA internal party had certain oscillations in the magnitudes. “This suggests that there are Broad Front voters who have not yet crystallized their preferences,” they warned.

And they pointed out: “Given that both pre-candidates (Orsi and Cosse) receive very high levels of sympathy among the Frente-Amplista adherents, it cannot be ruled out that these oscillations could also continue in the coming weeks until the internal elections.”


What happens in the National Party and the Colorado Party?

On the other hand, among Coalition voters, the overwhelming favorite National Party remains Alvaro Delgado, with 56% of white adhesions, leaving very far behind Laura Raffo, which has been growing and reached 28%. It was further away Jorge Gandini (9%) and the undecided (7%), while, without Juan Sartori In the race, the rest of the candidates do not reach 1%.

In the nourished internal Colorado Party, where today the alliance between Gabriel Gurméndez and Guzmán Acosta y Lara, Consulting Teams revealed a fight between two pre-candidates: Andrés Ojeda, which leads with 37%; and Robert Silva, which appears second with 30%.

Much further away they appear Tabare Viera (12%), the undecided (10%), Gurmendez (5%), Carolina Ache (4%), Acosta and Lara (1%) and Zaida Gonzalez (1%).


Source: Ambito

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