Coffee and gastronomy night at MOOI: an experience with a unique menu

Coffee and gastronomy night at MOOI: an experience with a unique menu

The recent edition of Coffee Night organized by Nespresso in the restaurant MÖOI Nordelta offered attendees a unique gastronomic experience, where specialty coffee was the undisputed protagonist. This event sought to fuse the exquisite flavors of coffee with the cuisine carefully prepared by the chef and owner of MÖOI, Jessica Lekerman.


The main objective of the gala was to offer a memorable experience to the participants, combining specialty coffee with the exquisite gastronomy of the venue.

On this occasion, the fusion of flavors between coffee and MÖOI was the central axis, highlighting coffee’s ability to complement and enhance the flavors of foods.

The evening’s menu was meticulously designed to offer a range of flavors that harmonized perfectly with the coffees of Nespresso.


The dishes offered were:


  • Citrus Pea Puree with Glazed Carrots, Spiced Crispy Chickpeas, Tahini and Labneh Sauce (Ve/Gf)
  • Potato rosti MÖOI with fresh bean salad, red onions, dill, cream cheese and soft egg (Ve/Gf)


  • Organic rice risotto, with caramelized onions, orie cheese, crispy kale and grilled oysters with tamarind and soy sauce (Ve/Gf)
  • Long-cooked roast beef braised in coffee salt, baked potatoes and onions and Creole chili sauce (Gf)


Dessert (Dessert tasting):

  • Mini raspberry and warm white chocolate clafoutis
  • Mini shots of dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate ganache and red berries
  • Mini alfajor stuffed with strawberries
  • Mini white chocolate and lime cheesecake with passion fruit
  • Mini alfajor brownie with dulce de leche and candy

The meal was accompanied by an organic wine from the Catena Zapata winery, and for dessert time a Nespresso Guatemala specialty coffee was served, which was paired with the petit four plate.

Incorporation of coffee into preparations

He coffee It was prominently present in several preparations. As a welcome, the guests enjoyed a delicious Espresso Martinimade with Nespresso coffee.


In the main course, the braised roast beef was seasoned with coffee salt, and in the dessert, the coffee It was served in espresso format to accompany the final tasting.

A proper pairing enhances the flavors and improves the tasting experience. During the Coffee Nightthe mini desserts were combined with the Guatemala coffee, a specialty of pure origin with an intensity of 6, balanced and versatile in flavors and aromas. This perfect pairing highlighted the characteristics of the coffee and complemented the sweetness and texture of the desserts.


Tips for an Ideal Pairing

To enjoy a good pairing, it is not necessary to be an expert. Some basic tips include considering the type of coffee, its intensity and aromatic notes.

The combinations can be by similarity, when coffee and food have similar basic tastes, or by contrast, when they have very defined and different characteristics.

Nespresso encourages all coffee lovers to experiment with various combinations of their coffees with different foods, to enjoy a complete and satisfying gastronomic experience.

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