Dabney Coleman: US actor dies at 92

Dabney Coleman: US actor dies at 92

Most recently he played a role in the television series “Yellowstone”. American actor Dabney Coleman has died at the age of 92.

Mourning for Dabney Coleman (1932-2024): The US actor died on May 16 at the age of 92 at his home in Santa Monica, California. He fell asleep peacefully, like his daughter, the singer Quincy Coleman (52), on Friday (May 17th). Her famous father had a soul “full of passion, desire and humor,” she enthused.

He played Kevin Costner’s father in “Yellowstone”

Dabney Coleman was most recently seen in a guest role in the successful TV series “Yellowstone” (2019), where he played the father of Kevin Costner’s (69) character John Dutton. In 2014, Coleman was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dabney Coleman was born in Texas in 1932. His acting career took off in the 1960s when he played his first series roles in “The Fugitive”, “Bonanza” and “Columbo: Double Strike”. Coleman also appeared in “The Guardian”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Law & Order” and “Navy CIS”. His first film roles followed later in the 70s, including in “Flamming Inferno” (1974) and “700 Miles Westward” (1975). In the comedy “Why don’t we kill the boss?” (1980, original title “Nine to Five”) he played the main role alongside Jane Fonda (86). He also starred with the latter in the drama “Am goldenen See” (1981).

Dabney Coleman was an Emmy winner

The actor achieved great success at the end of the 80s. He won an Emmy Award and received a Golden Globe nomination for his leading role in “Doomed to Silence.”

Dabney Coleman was married twice, including his second marriage (1961-1983) to the American actress Jean Hale (1938-2021). In addition to daughter Quincy Coleman, he leaves behind two other children.

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