Actress: Sharon Stone wants to work properly again

Actress: Sharon Stone wants to work properly again

Roles for women her age are few and far between in Hollywood. Says Sharon Stone, who experienced a dramatic turning point over twenty years ago.

Actress Sharon Stone (66) wants her acting career back. She spoke to the British newspaper “Times” about the stroke she suffered more than two decades ago. When asked whether part of her could use this traumatic experience to start anew, she replied: “I wouldn’t say that I experienced a great rebirth. I would say: I’m alive, I survived.” It took her seven years to recover.

At that time she lost custody, her career and her money. So she wasn’t just resurrected, but 20 years later she still doesn’t have her acting career back, she told a newspaper podcast. Stone said she would be grateful to be working properly again, not just in supporting roles. “I would really like to have my life back.”

When asked whether she would be cast as an elderly aunt or a widowed duchess at her age, she said it would be difficult to cast her as a grandmother, perhaps more likely a lawyer, judge or police officer. “They don’t really know what to do with someone like me,” she said, according to the Times.

Stone, known for the thriller “Basic Instinct,” is now also a painter. Her artwork is currently exhibited in Berlin. In the interview, she also spoke about her difficult childhood and former film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is in prison for sexual assault. Stone accused him of once criticizing her as a princess and pushing her at a cocktail party, she said on the Times’ “What I Wish I’d Known” podcast released Friday.

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