The ancient Japanese ritual to tidy up your house in 15 minutes

The ancient Japanese ritual to tidy up your house in 15 minutes

Learn the Soji method and transform not only the order of your home, but also your emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Japanese culturewith its ancient teachings, offers valuable lessons on happiness and peace of mind in which they explain how order and cleanliness play a fundamental role not only on the material plane, but also on the spiritual and mental level.

One of the most notable rituals is Sojitransmitted by the Buddhist monk Shoukei Matsumotoin which he describes how to tidy up your house in 15 minutes and how this act also promotes inner well-being.



The Soji method: purification for mind and home

Soji is not simply a household chore, It is an act of meditation that frees the mind from distractions and promotes greater inner and outer harmony. This spiritual practice, rooted in Japanese culture, became an essential tool for cultivating a clear, future-focused mind.

Practicing Soji not only keeps your home clean, but also reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and encourages gratitude for the little things in life. By focusing on the present and releasing the unnecessary, whether material or emotional, healthy relationships with the environment and with oneself are strengthened.

Steps to start the Soji practice:

  1. Start small: Spend a few minutes each day cleaning a small area of ​​your home and try to make it part of your daily routine to maintain consistency.
  2. The intention: Focus your attention on each movement, each breath. It is important to feel the connection between body, mind and the space you are cleaning.
  3. Celebrate the process: Don’t see cleaning as a boring task, focus on the positive aspects and the joy that caring for your environment brings.
  4. Establish a personal ritual: Use candles, incense or simply breathe deeply before starting and find what connects you to the present moment.

In addition, it is advisable to reduce the number of objects you own, keeping only the essentials, freeing your mind by getting rid of physical dirt, thus allowing greater mental clarity. Also thank your objects and give them to those who need them when you no longer use them. With this ancient Japanese ritual, you will not only your home, but you will also promote your emotional and spiritual well-being.

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