The partial winner is Def. from Belgrano and complementary time has arrived

The partial winner is Def.  from Belgrano and complementary time has arrived

The second 45 of the game is underway at the Río Cuarto Antonio Candini Stadium! El Dragón takes the advantage with a goal Gonzalo Aquilino Pintos (46′ 1T) and defeats Estudiantes RC by 1 to 0.

Both teams added three in the previous day by beating their last rivals, so an even match is expected in which neither of the two will seek to give anything away.

Estudiantes (RC) won the last game 1-0 against Almagro. The local team continues to reap victories in the last 4 games. In those games, he has scored 9 goals and conceded 1.

On the previous day, Def. de Belgrano defeated Colón 1-0. As a result of the last games of the current season, it has 2 wins and 2 losses. In those duels, he was able to celebrate 9 goals and they scored 6 in his goal.

Brian Ferreyra was appointed as the main referee of the match at the Río Cuarto Antonio Candini Stadium.

Student Training (RC) today

Alexis Matteo presented a 4-4-2 alignment with Williams Barlasina defending the goal; Valentín Fenoglio, Gaston Arturia, Marcio Gómez Pereyra and Ignacio Abraham at the back; Nahuel Cainelli, Abel Romero, Jonathan Blanco and Tomás González in the center of the field; and with Alan Bonansea and Guillermo Villalba in the attack.

Def Formation from Belgrano today

For his part, Carlos Mayor came out to play with a 4-4-2 strategy, with Ignacio Pietrobono in goal; Agustín Massaccesi, Juan De Tomasso, Leandro Martínez Montagnoli, Fabián Sánchez on the defensive line; Claudio Salto, Ignacio Gutiérrez, Matías Benítez and Brian Gómez in midfield; and Ezequiel Aguirre and Gonzalo Aquilino Pintos up front.

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