Graceland Foreclosure?: Riley Keough Takes Legal Action

Graceland Foreclosure?: Riley Keough Takes Legal Action

Elvis’ iconic Graceland estate is reportedly set to be foreclosed on. The king’s granddaughter complains and speaks of fraud.

Graceland, the legendary home of Elvis Presley (1935-1977), is reportedly set to be foreclosed on after the death of his daughter Lisa Marie Presley (1968-2023). Riley Keough (34), Lisa Marie’s daughter and Elvis’ granddaughter, is now taking legal action, as US media consistently report.

The forced sale, scheduled for May 23, is said to be the result of a fraud that would benefit a company that may not even exist. An injunction was obtained prohibiting the company from “selling” the property out of court.

The notary has not met Lisa Marie Presley

Keough filed a lawsuit in May. It says that last year, Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC produced documents purporting to show that the late Lisa Marie Presley borrowed $3.8 million from the company and listed Graceland as collateral in a deed of trust . “These documents are forged,” the lawsuit states. “Lisa Marie Presley never borrowed money from Naussany Investments and never gave a deed of trust to Naussany Investments.”

The documents also name a notary who is said to have stated that she had neither met Lisa Marie Presley nor certified a document for her, even though her name is on the documents. The lawsuit also states that Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC appears to be a “false entity” that was created purely “for the purpose of fraud.”

CNN was unable to reach the alleged company by telephone, an email query was answered with an out-of-office message and the US broadcaster was unable to locate a company under that name in the United States. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Priscilla Presley (78), Lisa Marie’s mother, also appears to comment briefly on the matter via social media. One photo of the property simply states: “It’s a scam!”

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