Cancer-stricken Princess Kate: First project since her shock diagnosis

Cancer-stricken Princess Kate: First project since her shock diagnosis

Princess Kate is battling cancer. Despite the blow of fate, she continues to push forward with a project close to her heart. However, a quick return to the public is not expected.

It has been almost two months since Princess Kate shared her cancer diagnosis with the public in a video. Since then, Prince William’s wife has been fighting the disease in private. In order to concentrate fully on her treatment, the 42-year-old has not been carrying out any tasks or duties as a royal for some time. However, she has not been idle during this time, according to a new report in the British newspaper. Kate is said to have been pushing forward a project close to her heart in recent weeks.

Her foundation has presented a new study in which the princess is described as the “driving force” behind the scenes. “She has been kept informed since the task force was set up, has read the report and has been informed about it,” a Kensington Palace spokesman is quoted as saying.

The project is designed to demonstrate the social and economic benefits of a family-friendly work structure. According to the study, the extra effort during childhood and adolescence could quickly pay off financially – according to the “Daily Mail”, the study puts the potential annual gain for the British economy at over 45 billion pounds (around 53 billion euros).

Princess Kate has to continue to take it easy

Although Kate is described as the “driving force behind the business task force,” the quoted spokesperson clarifies that the princess has not yet returned to active work. “We have clearly communicated that she now needs the space and privacy to recover. She will go back to work when the doctors have given her the green light.”

Princess Kate had to undergo planned abdominal surgery in January 2024. At that time, the palace initially announced that it would be canceled at least until Easter. But on March 22, the mother of three announced in an emotional video message that she had been diagnosed with cancer during post-surgical tests. The palace later announced that she had been undergoing “preventative chemotherapy” since February.

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