After floods: Günther Jauch helps on his winery

After floods: Günther Jauch helps on his winery

After flooding on his winery, Günther Jauch picked up a shovel and helped with the clean-up work.

Günther Jauch (67) is a go-getter: The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” presenter put on his rubber boots and helped with the clean-up work at his “Von Othegraven” winery in Kanzem, Rhineland-Palatinate. Heavy rainfall had caused the Saar to overflow its banks near the winery, as the company reported three days ago.

“By joining forces, worse damage was initially prevented, but the water continues to rise. Fortunately, no one was injured. The fire brigade remains on duty throughout the night,” the post said. In an accompanying clip you could see images of the firefighters in action, office rooms with apparently saved documents and gates protected with sandbags. At the end of the video it was explained that the winery could not be opened to visitors.

Tidying up and shoveling

There was then a report about the work that the employees had to do after the flood on the Pentecost weekend. “Today we started the clean-up work in our HiP and in the park. Many thanks to all the hard-working helpers, to everyone who offered their help and for the many caring comments,” is the explanation for the clip, which is not only… showed the masses of mud and dirty furnishings, but also a helping Günther Jauch.

The RTL presenter appeared in jeans, a patterned shirt, and armed with gloves and sturdy boots. Together with the helpers, he put shelves back up or shoveled earth onto an excavator bucket. In a joint photo of the helpers, Jauch, who had rolled up his trousers and had apparently changed into rubber boots, was also seen with his wife Thea. “Let’s hope that we can open our park to visitors again soon,” the post for the short video concludes.

Jauch has been a winery owner and winemaker since 2010. At that time he bought the “Von Othegraven” winery on the Saar, which had belonged to his ancestors since 1805 – including his father and grandfather. When it threatened to be sold out of the family, Jauch decided to purchase the property himself.

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