Attention: the best tricks to extend the life of your car

Attention: the best tricks to extend the life of your car

Knowing your vehicle’s specific needs and adopting habits that protect it can prevent more severe and costly problems in the future.


Keeping your car in optimal condition not only guarantees a safe trip, but it can also save you significant sums of money on long-term repairs. A well-maintained car not only lasts longer, but also maintains its value and performance.allowing you to enjoy more efficient and safer driving.

In Argentina, weather and road conditions can be challenging so it is important to pay attention to proper vehicle maintenance. For this, different habits that do not require much effortbut they can make a big difference in the durability and reliability of your car.


The 7 tricks to extend the life of your car

By incorporating these tricks into your daily life you can prolong the useful life of your cars:

1. Paint protection

Apply a coat of wax regularly It is key to protect the paint from damage caused by sun rays, insects and bird droppings, especially in climatic variables.

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2. Front protective accessory

Using a special protective film on the front of the car can prevent damage caused by stones and debris on dirt roads or streets.

3. Vehicle interior inspection

Protecting internal engine parts with protective grease or wax is essential to prevent corrosion and premature wear, especially in vehicles that face extreme weather conditions.



4. Review of the rubber gaskets

In a country like Argentina, where temperatures can vary considerably, it is important to regularly check the rubber gaskets to ensure that they are not cracked or worn, which could compromise the tightness of the vehicle.

5. Monitor the oil level

It is essential to maintain the proper engine oil level to avoid serious damage. Checking the oil level at least once a month and refilling as needed can prolong engine life.

6. Pay attention to tire pressure

Constant use on different types of streets and routes can cause tires to wear out quickly. Regularly checking tire pressure and adjusting it according to vehicle load can ensure safe travel and extend tire life.

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7. Don’t skimp on spare parts

Using quality parts and replacing dirty filters or porous belts can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure optimal engine performance, especially in a country where road conditions can be demanding.

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