Holocaust memorial: Paris suspects Moscow was behind the paint attack

Holocaust memorial: Paris suspects Moscow was behind the paint attack

In the midst of the heated atmosphere surrounding the Middle East conflict, there is a paint attack on a Holocaust memorial in Paris. France has a clear suspicion about the perpetrators.

According to media reports, French police have evidence that a paint attack on the Holocaust memorial in Paris was orchestrated from Russia.

The attack a week ago was an attempt at destabilization directed from Russia, reported the newspaper “Le Parisien” and the broadcaster France Info, citing police sources. The investigative paper “Le Canard enchaîné” reported first. Around a dozen red hands were sprayed on a wall of the Mémorial de la Shoah as pro-Palestinian graffiti, which led to many angry reactions.

According to media reports, thanks to the video surveillance of the memorial and analysis of cell phone data, the investigators were able to identify two Bulgarians as the suspected perpetrators who are said to have left France with one or two henchmen who were also Bulgarian by bus to Brussels the morning after the attack.

According to reports, Paris also suspects Russian puppet masters are behind other paint daubs related to the Olympic Games. At the end of March, the message “Caution, balcony may collapse” was sprayed on a number of buildings. The reference refers to publicly discussed concerns that balconies on Parisian houses could collapse if too many people crowd to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the Seine. The police prefecture has already given the all-clear on the issue and appealed to common sense not to go out on a balcony with an abnormal number of people.

Alleged disruptions at the airport

In connection with Russian influence on France, “Le Canard enchaîné” also reported on alleged disruptions to GPS satellite navigation at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, as had already occurred in the Baltic region. However, the incident was not made public in order to avoid unrest.

In November, France had already accused Russia of being behind the mass spraying of Stars of David on Parisian buildings. Photos of the Star of David tags were spread on social networks via a Russian propaganda network. Russia rejected the accusations at the time as unfounded.

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