Marvel confirmed the Vision series with Paul Bettany on Disney+

Marvel confirmed the Vision series with Paul Bettany on Disney+

It will be Marvel’s first new live-action series in almost two years.

Marvel has turned to the executive producer of “Star Trek: Picard”, Terry Matalasto resurrect Vision, the synthezoid played by Paul Bettanyfor a new series of Disney+ untitled slated for 2026, Variety has learned exclusively. Bettany will return to the role and Matalas will serve as showrunner.

After Vision died at the hands of Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” 2018, he returned twice in “WandaVision” of 2021, first as a spectral creation of his beloved, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), through pain-driven magic; then as a reconstructed android, with nuts and bolts, with a ghostly white appearance and no memories of his past life. When the two Visions fought in the “WandaVision” finale, Wanda’s Vision restored Ghost Vision’s memories, then Wanda allowed her Vision to fade from existence. The new series will take place after those events, as Ghost Vision presumably explores her new purpose in life.

Terry Matalas, the person in charge of the Vision series

Marvel hired Matalas after his work on “Star Trek: Picard” season 3, which brought back the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to widespread acclaim, earning Matalas a WGA Award nomination for the 2023 series finale. Very impressed were the studio’s top brass. (Marvel boss Kevin Feige, an avowed Trekkie, even recently appeared with Matalas on a two-hour episode of the “Star Trek” podcast, “Inglorious Treksperts.”)

An earlier version of a Vision series had been in development with the creator of “WandaVision,” Jac Schaefferbut Schaeffer’s attention was focused on executing a “WandaVision” spinoff, “Agatha All Along” with Kathryn Hahnwhich will premiere in September.

With the addition of Matalas, this will be Marvel’s first new live-action series in nearly two years, representing a significant change in the way the company produces television for Disney+.

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