What could have happened and why are there more cases of turbulence

What could have happened and why are there more cases of turbulence

In total they were 71 people, among passengers and crew members, who were injured. The truth is that it is still not known what caused the episode, although there is a hypothesis of what could have happened taking into account the information collected after the accident.

London-Singapore flight: what could have caused the accident


According to the information you collected The New York Timesflight SQ321 took off from Heathrow with 211 passengers and 18 crew members. Turbulence began near the river basin Irrawaddyabout Burmawhere the pilot reported a medical emergency and diverted the flight to Bangkok.

According to data from Flight Radar 24, a page that compiles information about flights, they would show that, at the time the flight of Singapore Airlines It passed over Burma, it did so at an altitude of 37,000 feet, while 10 hours later, it went from 37,000 feet to 31,000 in just minutes.

As the plane flew over this area, satellite data showed that a strong storm began to form above, which could turn the atmosphere of the unstable region.

London-Singapore flight: why there are more cases of turbulence

Cases of accidents due to turbulence during flights have been increasing during the last time. For this reason, it is beginning to question what has caused this number to increase.

First of all, it is important to explain that turbulence is a unstable movement in the air caused by changes in wind speed and direction. Turbulence is classified into light, moderate, serious and extreme. In the latter category, pilots can lose control of the plane.

Currently, much research indicates that turbulence is increasing and that this would be caused by the climate change. More specifically, due to the high carbon dioxide emissions that affect air currents.

How turbulence can be prevented

To avoid turbulence, pilots try avoid turbulent areas flying higher or lower than the altitude at which meteorologists predict turbulence.

Still, experts say it’s impossible to prevent all turbulence. This is what he assured Robert Sumwaltformer president of the National Transportation Safety Boardwho also noted that “there is always the possibility that stormy air unexpectedly”.

Jennifer Stroozasa meteorologist at the US Weather Service Aviation Weather Center, also stated that Turbulence is “without a doubt one of the most difficult things to predict.”

At the same time, he explains that turbulence also represents a biggest threat to small planes than for larger ones, which are more susceptible to changes in wind speed.

Deaths from turbulence: how common are they?

1997 was the last time a person died on a commercial flight. for the injuries caused by the turbulence. An investigation into the incident later revealed that the woman was not wearing a seat belt, so she was thrown from her seat and may have hit her head.

According to data from the Federal Aviation Administrationbetween 2009 and 2022, 163 people were injured by turbulence. The truth is that airplanes are designed to withstand these types of conditions, so it is rare for them to suffer damage to their structure.

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