The best 5 exercises to strengthen your legs from the comfort of your home

The best 5 exercises to strengthen your legs from the comfort of your home

Going to the gym can be very complicated for some people. If you are one of them, these exercises are for you.


The legs They are a fundamental part of the body both in daily life and in sports. So it is very important not to leave them aside and work on them to improve health and training performance. Doing a leg exercise routine will bring with it multiple benefits, such as improved balance and coordination.

The body will be much more prepared for support efforts and weight, since it will have gained resistance. In addition, you will experience a great improvement in circulation and fluid retention will be avoided. You don’t even have to leave the living room to tone your legs, you can even use some fitness accessories, such as weights to train at home or elastic bands.


The best 5 exercises to strengthen your legs and lift your glutes


Squats should not be missing in any type of training, much less in a leg workout. An exercise as classic and simple as it is effective. However, you have to know how to master it. The correct way to do a squat is to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, with your feet facing outwards. With the back upright and without tenseness, the movement begins with a descent, bringing the buttocks back, as if adopting a sitting position. Next, the initial position is recovered and repeated again.

Walking lunge

Another recommended exercise to strengthen the legs is the walking lunge. It consists of walking forward taking one stride with one leg, while the other stays behind and goes down until the knee almost touches the ground.

Bulgarian squat

A more complex variant of the traditional squat, which would be like a kind of mix between it and the lunge. The Bulgarian squat requires a support or surface, such as a chair. The technique consists of standing with your back to said object, one of the two legs will rest on the elevated surface while the other remains on the ground.

Step up

The step up also requires an elevated surface, although it may be lower in height. The most appropriate thing is that the knee flexion when going up is about 90 degrees. The objective is to use it as a step on which you will climb and descend with alternating movements of the legs.

Alternate stride

The alternating lunge is one of the basic exercises to strengthen the legs, especially recommended for beginners. The technique is simple, you just have to take a stride with one leg to return to the original position and then do the same with the other. It is important that the knee does not pass the balls of the feet when taking the stride and keep the back straight.

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