Pope Francis attributed a new miracle to the influencer of God who may be canonized

Pope Francis attributed a new miracle to the influencer of God who may be canonized

Carlos Acutis He was an Italian teenager who was passionate about the Internet and very religious. created religious websites and an exhibition documenting Eucharistic miracles. In 2006, and after being diagnosed with Leukemia, The young man died at the age of 15.

He “influencer of God” – as he was baptized after his death – was beatified in 2020 after his first miraculous act was attributed to him. Now him Pope Francisco authorized the Dicastery for the Cause of Saints – body in charge of beatifications and canonizations -, to “enact“a second miracle attributed to blessed Acutis: the healing of a young Costa Rican student.

The miracles of God’s influencer

Carlos Acutis has already been beatified – the first step towards sainthood – in 2020after his first miracle was attributed to him: cure a Brazilian child of a congenital disease that affected his pancreas. Now, Francisco attributed a second divine healingwhich brings the “ god influencer” to become Holy.


This was the beatification ceremony of the “god influencer” in 2020.


This time, it is about the healing of Valeria Valverdea university student from Costa Rica who was in Florence, Italywhere she had been studying since 2018. Valeria suffered from a brain hemorrhage – after suffering a head injury in a bicycle accident – and, according to the medical team, His hope of survival was almost zero..

Given this, Liliana – mother of the affected young woman – pilgrimage to the tomb of Acutis on July 8, 2022, he prayed and left a letter asking for his daughter’s well-being. According to the record, after this, that same day the hospital informed Valeria’s mother that her daughter had spontaneously resumed breathingand the next day the student began to move again already partially recover speech.

According to the media Vatican News – linked to the Catholic Church – 10 days later, on July 18, doctors performed a test on Valeria. computed tomography. The result: the condition had disappeared and, just 1 month later, the girl was transferred to rehabilitation therapy.

This second miracle It has already been approved by the Supreme Pontiff after a meeting with the Vatican’s sanctification department. While this paves the way for Acutis’ canonization, it is not yet known when this event will occur.

Who was the Influencer of God

Carlos Acutis was a faithful young man who, in addition to designing online sites for his parish and school, became known for launch a dedicated website that sought to document every reported Eucharistic miracle, project that premiered days before his death. His nickname- “influencer of God” – It was given to him after he died in 2006 after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Their website became active and was subsequently translated into several different languages ​​and used as the basis for an exhibition that was presented around the world. At the time of his beatificationIn 2020, Pope Francis stated that the young man “knew how to use new communication techniques to transmit the Gospel, communicate values ​​and beauty”.


Carlos Acutis was born on May 3, 1991 in London.

Carlos Acutis was born on May 3, 1991 in London.

Vatican News

Not much is known yet about the details of the canonization. Many faithful believe that, due to his relationship with the Internet and his work disseminating biblical texts through this medium, he will be baptized as “the patron of the web“.

Miracles are usually investigated and evaluated over a period of several months, and a person is eligible for sainthood after two of these phenomena are attributed to his or her name. For something to be considered a miracle, it usually It requires an act that goes beyond what is possible in nature.

María Antonia de Paz y FIgueroa – better known as Mama Antula – was the last person to be canonized. Argentina became the first saint of Argentina behind the act carried out on February 11, 2024.

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