Pets: A social work created by and for multispecies families

Pets: A social work created by and for multispecies families

It is a comprehensive animal health plan, economically convenient when requiring veterinary services.

Currently around 80% of Argentine homes are voluntarily and happily invaded by 4-legged beings, who communicate in another languagewith needs mandvery similar to ours. Maintaining and ensuring their quality of life must be a priority and obligation.So as it is with any other member of the family.

Currently, veterinary medicine has many tools compared to a few years ago. But even though this progress is somewhat spectacular, it sometimes represents a reality that is very far from the pockets of their families.

“Having identified this problem, at Veterinaria Centro Animalis we decided to create and implement a comprehensive animal health plan, that not only benefits the quality of life of patients, but alsoandnot be an optionn economically convenient for your family members when requiring veterinary services, especially in cases of medium and high complexity. This is how PUMA was born, a social work created by and for multispecies families,” he says. Pilar Quintana Commercial Director of the veterinary and Social Work.

For its part, the Dr. María Laura Cabrera Director Mandsays (MP13188) reports “we offer members the professional team, the building structure and the necessary medical technology so that they receive fluid and fast medical care, considering that our patients do not speak, speed in the diagnostic route is of vital importance” .

This way of working, they say from the commercial management, was happily successful, and this led the veterinarian to grow a lot in the last 8 years. This is noticeable in the flow of people, in income and in the way of work.

Compared to other veterinary services, this veterinary medical service stands out for its unique attributes that ensure a superior experience for patients and their families:

  • Professional team: offers a service where individual attention is complemented with the support of a top-level multidisciplinary team, both professional and human. This is essential to provide comprehensive care, focused on the patient’s well-being.
  • Simplicity: The veterinary medical plan system operates in an agile and direct manner, the members’ relatives often go to the clinic without wallets to continue with the clinical care of their relatives since they have almost everything covered by their social work. The coverage is simple and organized to accompany patients at all times, in good times and bad as well, allowing the transfer of ownership of the chosen plan to another patient once a year, whether the latter is a member of the same family group or not. The association is fluid, avoiding unnecessary procedures. In this sense, social work offers equitable access regardless of pre-existing medical conditions, receiving everyone, especially those who need it most.
  • Duty: automated monthly payment, reasonable values ​​adjusted to the current economic situation, which facilitates access to the large number of benefits it contains.
  • Actual coverage: great offer of benefits in each of its plans, 100% covered, not just discounts, to be used every day, all year round.

“This is our own veterinary medical plan, which in addition to providing comprehensive coverage all year round, also constantly raises awareness about the prevention, well-being and care of these beautiful and unique beings who today are already members of many Argentine families,” Pilar concludes. Quintana

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