Campari renews its commitment to the film industry under the motto “we are cinema”

Campari renews its commitment to the film industry under the motto “we are cinema”

Campari returned as an official partner to the 77th edition of the most prestigious film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place between May 16 and 27 on the French Riviera.

Cinema represents the perfect combination of passion and creativity, fundamental elements to generate unique pieces. This inspiration is replicated in the role he has Campari in cocktails: passion and creativity are at the center of its heritage and that is why the brand has been inspiring mixologists for more than 300 years to create the most iconic cocktails in the world, such as the Negroni, the Mito, the Americano, Campari Spritz and countless signature versions.

Within the cinema platform, Campari presented its campaign designed especially for Cannes, “We are Cinema”. The starting point is to recognize human stories as a source of inspiration for some of the best films in the world. Thus, always based on Campari’s role as an iconic brand, the company proposes that viewers encounter a series of cinematic moments told through Campari’s vivid red lens of creativity.

Within the Festival program, Campari presents some collaborations, such as the presence of Cole Walliser. The director and filmmaker will be at the Campari Lounge interviewing guests and celebrities.


Campari Argentina will be represented at the Festival by the Argentine actresses Laura Laprida, Justina Bustos and the bartender Mona Gallosi, who will participate in the classic Cannes Red Carpet, as well as the celebration specially organized by the company within the framework of the Festival.

Estefania Jacobs, Marketing Manager of the firm, highlights: “We are happy to return to the Cannes Festival for the third consecutive year. For this edition, we created a series of memorable experiences, united through an intrinsic characteristic of the brand such as the passion for creativity and stories. That passion was, is and will be at the center of everything we do. For Campari Group Argentina it is very important to be present with film representatives such as Justina Bustos, Laura Laprida and the renowned bartender Mona Gallosi, who will bring the essence and spirit of our country to the Festival.”

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Justa Bustos, who is presenting a documentary about his isolated experience in a hospital on the island of Mauritius during the Covid-19 pandemic, reflects what expectations he has: “Returning to the Cannes Festival with Campari is one of the best proposals I have been receiving in year! It was a resounding YES. It is a unique festival where I meet colleagues and friends. The selection of films is very attractive and what you experience is super enriching. Campari is a brand that prevails over time, it is original and its formula has remained intact since 1860.”

Laura Laprida, For her part, she tells how she experiences the preview: “I consider myself a cinephile, I am a lover of cinema, art and its productions. Cannes is one of the most important film festivals in the world, where filmmakers, actors and professionals from the global industry come together. Being present at the Cannes Festival means a lot to me as an actress. It is a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals in the sector. In addition, it is an enriching experience both professionally and personally.”

Regarding what pillars make Campari an iconic brand for them, Justina describes that they are persistence over time, creativity and aesthetics. Laprida, very settled in Spain and about to premiere two series, states: “Being part of the Cannes Festival with the Campari brand is especially exciting, since it gives me the opportunity to represent an iconic brand. What I like most is its strong connection with the world of cinema. As an actress, I feel very identified with this passion for telling stories and transmitting emotions, so working with a brand so closely linked to cinema is wonderful. Furthermore, Campari has European roots that I love. And since I live in Europe, she makes me feel even more connected.”

Campari will also join forces with The Hollywood Reporter and record a special edition of a podcast with Kevin Costner, director, screenwriter, producer and star of Horizon: The American Saga. Costner will join THR’s Executive Awards Editor Scott Feinberg live to discuss his return to the big-screen Western, which premieres this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

Additionally, she will partner for the third year with Breaking Through The Lens, a nonprofit organization that empowers women in film by providing them with access to vital funding. Together they will organize the “Crossing Borders” gala to pay tribute to women who have transcended cultural borders. The evening will include a panel discussion with actress Diane Kruger, who will be joined by other industry figures.

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At the heart of the Cannes Festival is the Campari Lounge, inside the Palais des Festivals. The Lounge will have as its epicenter a circular bar, where guests can enjoy classics such as the Negroni, the D’ici à Là-Bas, Milano-Torino, Americano, the Negroni Sbagliato and the Campari Spritz, which will be prepared and served by the Il Camparino in Galleria team, replicating the legendary service of the historic Milanese bar located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The Campari Lounge and Hyde Beach by Campari are the perfect places to toast the inspiring stories and talent behind them.

“I thought a lot about this wonderful and glamorous city, about art and cinema, but above all about how I could articulate Italy, France and my hometown Cipolletti. Although I am more from Buenos Aires than from Rio Negro, I think it is important not to forget our roots. In this cocktail I mix my Italian heritage, my roots and my present today in Cannes. “I looked for a mix full of sophistication, mystery and complexity, since at some point all these triggers are what represent for me the Cannes Red Carpet,” he says about his creation. Mona Gallosiinvited to prepare a cocktail specially designed for Cannes.

The bartender, who highlights that her invitation is “the icing on the cake” after 27 years in the industry, chooses to accompany and work alongside Campari and makes an analogy between the brand and a cocktail. “Campari has that flavor that refers to orange and blends so perfectly with any preparation, and the bright red color that enhances a cocktail. Furthermore, its rich, memorable and unique history is mixed with the history of some classic cocktails and with our own history because Campari is past, present and future. My beginnings as a bartender and communicator were with Campari. That will always be in my heart, they marked my path, my north! ”She concludes.

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