Heavily pregnant Angelina Pannek: Special respect for the third birth

Heavily pregnant Angelina Pannek: Special respect for the third birth

In an Instagram story, Angelina Pannek revealed some details about her third pregnancy – but not the gender yet.

Former “Bachelor” Sebastian Pannek (37) and former “Bachelor” finalist Angelina Pannek (32) like to keep their private lives as private as possible. They also keep their two children completely out of the media. But the influencer, who is currently expecting her third baby, gave some private insights. She revealed why she is more worried about the third birth – and whether she is planning to have more children.

Name is 90 percent certain

In the first three months of her current pregnancy, she “felt pretty old,” the influencer revealed to her followers. However, the nausea stopped “sometime in the 4th month.” She does not think that giving birth gets easier from child to child. “You may know roughly how it goes, but it’s always different… This time I have a little more respect, maybe even fear,” she revealed. Because she is thinking of her son and daughter, who will be waiting for her at home. “I would love to take them to the hospital with me, so that I can be there for them too – but of course that’s not possible. But Sebastian will of course be with them.” However, it is very difficult for her to let go, as she is usually always with her children. “Especially overnight, that has never happened before.”

The nursery for baby number three is already “80 percent” ready. The couple knows the gender, but they don’t want to reveal it in advance. “I think if so, then after the birth,” said Angelina Pannek. The name is also “90 percent” decided. “10 percent are still open to alternatives.” She also revealed that she had always wanted three children. Nevertheless, more offspring does not seem to be completely out of the question: “We believe that we are complete with our three children. Never say never… but for now we’re sticking with three children. But somehow it’s also sad that this is the last time.”

Before the birth, there is a special highlight: the baby shower. Pannek organizes it herself, as she did with her other children. “Some people might find it strange because they know that their friends do it, but that’s never happened to me. And I think it’s okay to do it myself.”

In April they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary

The Panneks recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. On April 23, 2020, the two TV stars tied the knot at a castle north of Dortmund. The couple dedicated romantic posts to their wedding anniversary. “Four years ago we sealed our love forever and since then we have grown stronger as a couple every day,” wrote Sebastian Pannek alongside a wedding photo on his Instagram account. “Thank you for always being by my side and for all the love, support and adventures we have shared and will share.” His wife also shared several pictures of their big day on Instagram. “Five years of you and me,” the caption read.

The two have been officially together since 2019. Their son was born in the summer of 2020, followed by a daughter in September 2022. On Valentine’s Day 2024, they announced that their “third miracle” is on the way.

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