War in Ukraine: Reports: Hit on Russian nuclear missile early warning system

War in Ukraine: Reports: Hit on Russian nuclear missile early warning system

In a balance of terror, nuclear powers watch over every move of the other side. Has Ukraine partially blinded Russia’s missile defenses against the USA?

According to unofficial reports, a radar of the Russian early warning system against incoming nuclear missiles was damaged in a Ukrainian drone attack. Photos of damage to the facility near the city of Armavir in southern Russia have appeared in Russian and Ukrainian channels, the US Institute for War Studies (ISW) wrote in its situation report on Friday evening.

Former Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitri Rogozin made a statement from Moscow on Saturday. On the social network X, he wrote about damage to the early warning system – “a key element of the military control of strategic nuclear forces.” Rogozin, now a senator in the Russian Federation Council, accused the USA of planning the attack or at least knowing about it. Such actions are bringing the world closer to the brink of nuclear war, he warned. The Kremlin or the Russian Defense Ministry did not comment.

According to reports, the attack took place on Thursday night, when Ukraine also fired missiles at a Russian army communications hub on the Crimean peninsula near Alushta. The Russian Voronezh-DM early warning radar near Armavir can reportedly detect attacking nuclear missiles at a distance of 6,000 kilometers. As part of the chain of such radar stations, it monitors the airspace over Crimea and southwestern Europe, extending far into the Atlantic.

According to all accounts, the attack was carried out with a Ukrainian drone. It comes at a time when Ukraine is negotiating with its Western partners about being allowed to use their weapons against targets in Russia. It is not a good idea to attack such objects in times of international tension, wrote the independent Norwegian military expert Thord Are Iversen on X. “There are tons of targets in Russia that can be attacked with drones. And there are a handful of targets that can be avoided, and this is one of them.”

Rogozin on X (Russian) ISW situation report (English) Russian Telegram channel on damage (Russian) Military expert Iversen on X (English)

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