Tourism in the Milei era: Argentines travel abroad again

Tourism in the Milei era: Argentines travel abroad again

We had gotten used to calculating that traveling within the country was cheaper than traveling abroad, even though Argentina has many hotels priced in dollars. Or the case of some airline with rates of up to $300 to travel to the south or north of the country.

But in the era Javier Milei This began to reverse, which was noticeable in the last two months. Many “raised the mattress,” others went to the safe deposit boxes or took the dollars saved from that secret place in the house for one purpose: to travel abroad.

Where do Argentines travel?

In previous columns I wrote that few Argentines have the possibility of visiting international destinations. The current economic situation is complex. The change is seen in travelers who have not seen their children who work and live abroad for a long time. In the case of Spain, Iberia operates 3 daily flights to Madrid. If we add to Air Europe either Argentinian airlines who fly to this destination, we have a flow of around between 2000 and 2500 passengers daily. Even more so if we add LEVEL, which flies to and from Barcelona directly.

sacred family.webp

The Sagrada Familia, an icon of tourism in Barcelona.

Although the traffic to The United States had full flights all summer It was due to the fact that during the previous government reserves were increased from December 2023 onwards. Now There are reservations to travel from August until 2025 inclusive. NY and Miami are the favorite classics while Disney became an extremely expensive destination for Argentines.

How much does it cost to travel abroad?

When it comes time to do the math, Caribbean continues to maintain very low rates. A stay in Cuba in a 4 or 5 star All Inclusive hotel costs about 100 dollars a day. Considering that the situation has been complex for years on the island due to the blockades, it is possible that the tourist will not find the best Italian ham or a high-end champagne, which does not change the equation. On the other hand, those gastronomic details will not be missing if the chosen one is Cancun, Riviera Maya or Punta Cana which are 20/30% more expensive depending on the resort chosen. Sargassum must be taken into account, especially in Cancun and Riviera Maya. It is advisable consult before choosing beaches and hotels.

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The Caribbean continues to be one of the most affordable destinations.

The Caribbean continues to be one of the most affordable destinations.

The tours to europe They are also in high demand these days, with affordable packages and discounts. Turkish novels bring tourists from all over the world and many Argentines to those romantic lands. Türkiye also seduces with its natural beauties and shopping tourism, at affordable prices, especially clothing.

We also see that Argentines are slowly returning to Brazil, which is expensive. They choose Río, Buzios and the All Inclusive of Imbassai and Praia do Forte.

What happens to incoming tourism?

caminito la boca.jpg

Buenos Aires is still cheap for many foreign tourists.

Buenos Aires is still cheap for many foreign tourists.

The Buenos Aires Guide

Regarding incoming tourism You don’t see as many Latin friends from Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Brazil anymore. in Siga la Vaca Puerto Madero dining for $25 for the all-you-can-eat menu with wine and dessert, although it is still convenient for them. We have Europeans, Chinese and Americans visiting (few, but they are there), at a time when Argentina is considered the low season for visitors.

In summary and as an example, let’s think that a few months ago we considered it crazy to travel to New York and spend 100 dollars (one hundred thousand pesos) on a ticket to see a musical. Today at 50% in Time Square you have the same tickets for 50 dollars (fifty thousand pesos) which is not much less than what you have to pay in Buenos Aires to see a good show.

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