High-ranking visitor: Prince William appears at English Cup final

High-ranking visitor: Prince William appears at English Cup final

Because of his wife’s cancer, Prince William has withdrawn from public life in recent months. However, he did not miss the FA Cup final. Also there: 10-year-old George.

The British heir to the throne, Prince William, appeared at the FA Cup final.

The 41-year-old shook hands with the players from Manchester City and Manchester United before kick-off before taking his seat in the stands. He was accompanied by his eldest son Prince George (10).

The appearance is one of the few that the royal family did not postpone because of the general election on July 4. The Prince of Wales, as his title now reads, is FA President. He himself is an ardent supporter of the Birmingham club Aston Villa.

William has also been a scarce presence this year due to the illness of his wife, Princess Kate. At the end of March, the 42-year-old announced to the public in a very personal video message that she had been diagnosed with cancer following major abdominal surgery in January. Since then, she has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

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