High Shine Hair: Hairstyle trend brings shine to everyday life

High Shine Hair: Hairstyle trend brings shine to everyday life

Fancy a new hairstyle? Then this trend could be just right for you. High shine hair is in!

The hair looks well-groomed, done and effortlessly elegant: A new hairstyle trend has taken hold in the beauty and fashion world. The high-shine hair trick is currently being used not only in everyday life, but also on the catwalks. It’s so easy to recreate it at home.

The right preparation for a natural shine

To make your hair shine naturally, you should provide it with plenty of moisture. This means using rich products, conditioners and hair masks when washing your hair. These make the hair easier to brush afterwards and seal the ends. The structure also automatically becomes smoother – the perfect prerequisite for the high-shine hair trend.

The open variant

Generally, it is helpful not to style your hair straight after washing it, but rather a few days later when the roots are slightly greasy. The products you need are wax or hair gel and hairspray. Spread the gel in your hands and work it into your hairline. Brush your hair back with a brush until all the strands are out of your face. Fix everything with hairspray.

The stars also like to use the style, also known as the sleek hair look, for their red carpet appearances. Fashion blogger Caro Daur (29), for example, showed off an open and shiny high-shine hair look. Incidentally, the styling works with both long manes and shoulder-length bobs.

As an elegant bun

The trend also works just as well as a bun. The sleek bun, for example, is currently very popular. The procedure is the same, just twist the hair at the end and form it into a bun. Secure it with two hair elastics and, if necessary, fix individual strands of hair with clips. Our tip: At the end, tame the annoying baby hairs with a wax stick. This makes the end result look even more elegant.

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