an avalanche buried more than 300 people

an avalanche buried more than 300 people

Thousands of houses were buried by the landslide. So far, at least 100 people have died.

Video capture.

A landslide in a remote village in northern Papua New Guinea caused a tragedy and the death of at least 100 inhabitants. According to local media, More than 300 people and 1,100 houses were buried.

The landslide that took place around 3 a.m. on Thursday specifically affected the Kaokalam village, Enga province, about 600 km northwest of the capital, Port Moresby.

As reported by Australian Broadcasting Corp, this Saturday they have recovered four corpses from the area after emergency crews arrived in the sparsely populated region. Still there are no official figures of this tragic event and the number of fatalities is expected to increase.

He deployment of rescue teams becomes difficult because the avalanche blocked road access, so the only way to reach the area is via helicopter, according to the station.

Images of the place show a huge avalanche of rocks and sand that would have come loose from a hill full of vegetation. You can also see people working among the piles of dirt in search of survivors. They continue rescue operations at the scene.

He Prime Minister James Marapestated that officials in charge of disasters, the Defense Forces and the Department of Works and Highways are collaborating in relief and recovery efforts.

Source: Ambito

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