Energy cleaning of the home: how to attract good omens and renew every space in the house

Energy cleaning of the home: how to attract good omens and renew every space in the house

Make a energy cleansing of the house is essential to attract good omens and renew every space in your home. However, it is not something that is so easy to do. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow a very detailed step by step.

Maintain the clean, tidy and well ventilated house It will contribute to a healthy environment, as well as improve your mood and the general energy of your home.

If you feel that the atmosphere is charged, that there are energetic blockages or that many conflictive situations have occurred, you have to consider doing an energy cleansing.

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What is an energy cleanse?

Energy cleaning of the home is often confused with aromatizing the house, although they are different processes that some products may share.

It is important to differentiate them, since aromatizing involves using natural products, scented candles, diffusers or dried flowers to make the home smell good. These elements improve the aroma and can positively influence the mood, but they do not eliminate negative energies or energy blockages.

On the other hand, energy cleansing aims to raise the vibration of the home and clear any accumulated negative energy

How to do an energy cleanse at home

1. Ventilation and cleaning

For this step to work, you need to have a real interest in purifying your house and commit to this act, being very present in the process. Once the physical cleansing and ventilation has been completed, choose your product or method to perform the energy cleansing ritual and begin the ritual.

2. I chose the cleaning method

  • Scent all rooms with smoke
  • Energy cleansing with essential oils
  • Energy cleaning with vinegar and salt
  • Cleaning scrubbing with herbs
  • Energy cleaning with spray

If you choose to smudge, then ventilate the room again.

3. Close the energy cleanup

To conclude the process, perform a brief blessing of the house. Thank your home for the well-being it provides you. Visualize a healing light that covers both yourself and the rooms, creating a feeling of peace and harmony throughout the home.

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