The Frente Amplio targeted the government for acts of corruption and institutional deterioration

The Frente Amplio targeted the government for acts of corruption and institutional deterioration

He Wide Front warned about the “enormous institutional deterioration” that exists in the country, considering that “week after week an act of corruption”, as stated by the presidential candidates during a joint event, in which they echoed the scandal of Pablo Iturralde.

The leak of chats between the former president of the National Party and Gustavo Penadés regarding the progress of the sexual abuse case for which the former senator is imprisoned was one of the main reasons for criticism from opposition leaders, who called to maintain “care and zeal for democratic institutions.”

The first to speak during the FA event in Saint Joseph was Yamandu Orsi, who assured that “strengthening institutions implies something as simple as understanding that the separation of powers must be respected.”

For that reason, the former mayor of Canelones He called on the FA militants to maintain “care and zeal for the democratic institutions and then he warned: “I never thought I would have to raise this in a speech.”

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Cosse warned about the “enormous institutional deterioration”

When you speak, Carolina Cosse assured that “Uruguay has ceased to be a country of great progress and today is a country of setbacks and enormous institutional deterioration,” and then lists the government scandals, such as the cases of Alejandro Astesiano and the drug dealer Sebastian Marset

In that sense, the mayor of Montevideo in use of leave recalled “the meeting between undersecretaries in the Executive Tower to lie to Uruguayans about how they gave a passport to a drug trafficker” and then spoke of the fact that “there was a leader of an association to commit crimes by handing out false passports.”

On the other hand, he spoke of the government using “the apparatus of State to persecute journalists and monitor senators and now the president of a political party boasts that his public statements intimidate prosecutors.”

“This deteriorates the institutions and it is not a case, it is a political practice,” Cosse highlighted and closed: “This Government has no direction and was not and is not prepared.”

Lima maintained that “an act of corruption is repeated week after week”

To its turn, Andres Lima He deepened this line by considering that in the administration headed by the president Luis Lacalle Pou “there is no transparency,” later ensuring that “week after week an act of corruption”.

“Justice must be independent and this government forgets,” said the mayor of Salto, at moments where it is debated whether or not there was pressure on Prosecutor’s Office in the Penadés case.

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