Why do influencer marketing strategies help companies know their target?

Why do influencer marketing strategies help companies know their target?

He influencer marketing is a branch of digital marketing which focuses on using influencers to promote products, services or brands. However, beyond their promotional function, these types of strategies also help brands and companies to better understand their audiences.

These people, known as influencers or content creatorsusually have a large number of followers on social networks and a notable ability to influence the purchasing decisions of their audience, revealed Eduardo Núñez, Influencer Marketing Director in anotherthe strategic communication agency with the largest offering in the Latin American market.

Influencers and digital marketing

According to Statista, The evolution of the influencer market value showed a trend of continuous growth between 2021 and 2023, with a estimated increase of almost US$4 billion. And both the number of creators and the number of followers is increasing and more diversified. Núñez highlights that influencers allow brands to have a direct window into the interests and behaviors of their target audienceproviding valuable data on emerging trends and consumer preferences.


Tips for social networks and finding influencers.

A powerful example to understand the power of content creators in helping companies and brands better understand their objective is found in a recent example in England. According to Sprout Social, local content creators engage more deeply with their communities and earn more impactful brand endorsements because of their strong, authentic relationships. Partner with local creators for influencer marketing campaigns allows you to take advantage of your deep knowledge of local trends, cultural nuances and audience preferences.

The influencer strategy on social networks

The 2024 Influencer Marketing Report notes that almost half of all consumers make purchases at least once a month thanks to influencer posts. This shows that when influencers showcase a product or brand, their followers trust their recommendations and take action based on their endorsements.

For brands and marketers, Instagram is the place to be if they want to connect with UK audiences. With its widespread adoption and engaged user base, the platform offers a unique opportunity to generate brand awareness, drive sales and create connections significant with customers.

Tips for social networks

Núñez points out that the British example is also applicable so that lBrands and companies in Latin America can create their first local campaigns with content creators to better understand your target audience. In this sense, the manager at another shares some advice that can help marketing experts better understand their target.

Trending hashtags on platforms like TikTok They offer a window into the audience’s interests and help find influencers and content topics relevant to the audience that has an affinity with the brand or company.

“Start by opening the TikTok or Instagram app and tapping the search icon. In the search bar, type the country or city where you want to activate your campaign, followed by its industry or niche, such as ‘fashion in Argentina’ or ‘fitness in Panama,'” Núñez said. Then, tap the “tags” tab. to see related hashtags. Look for hashtags with a large number of posts and interactions, since they suggest topics that interest the public.

Country-specific keywords help find influencers that publish content that is culturally relevant to their audience. These location-based keywords, such as specific cities, neighborhoods, or landmarks, are also great for finding influencers who create content in those areas.

Tips to discover an influencer

Competitor research uncovers the influencers driving engagement for your rivals. The expert invites you to list the main competitors and search for the hashtags of your brand or account IDs on Instagram or TikTok.

“Look at their posts and stories to see which influencers they have collaborated with and analyze participation rates (likes, comments and shares) to identify the best-performing influencers who generate the most interactions with the audience,” he said.

This knowledge identifies the archetypes of influencers, content pillars and association structures that generate the best results.

Eduardo Núñez adds that Hiring a communication agency with experts in influencer marketing will help companies and brands more quickly find your target audience. With the support of trained professionals, brands can more effectively navigate the complex social media landscape and ensure their messages reach their intended audiences in an authentic and resonant way.

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