Christie Brinkley: Rare snapshot with her three children

Christie Brinkley: Rare snapshot with her three children

Christie Brinkley’s children will always be her “babies”. The model raved about her offspring in a rare photo on Instagram.

Christie Brinkley (70) gives a belated insight into her Mother’s Day celebrations. On Instagram, the model shared a photo of herself with her three children Alexa Joel (38), Jack Brinkley-Cook (28) and Sailor Brinkley-Cook (25). “There’s no place like… home! My babies all came home for Mother’s Day,” Brinkley gushed.

The four of them celebrated the special day with a pizza party and each created their own Italian delicacy. “Fun!”, Brinkley summed up the day and thanked her children for the pictures they took together, which show the family in casual clothes in the kitchen. It is rare that the actress shows herself with all her offspring.

The family sticks together

Christie Brinkley, who became famous in the 1980s through her cover photos on the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition,” always emphasizes how important family is to her. Her children see it the same way. “We keep each other humble – we tease each other. It’s very grounding to be with my family,” explained musician Alexa Joel in an interview in 2017. Her mother has an “endless zest for life and liveliness.”

Christie Brinkley has been married four times in total. Alexa is from her second marriage to singer Billy Joel (75). She had Jack with husband number three, real estate entrepreneur Richard Taubman (76). Her fourth husband Peter Halsey Cook (65) is the father of Sailor, who also works as a model, and adopted her brother during the relationship. Brinkley and Cook have been divorced since 2008.

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