Princess Kate: New report causes unrest among royal fans

Princess Kate: New report causes unrest among royal fans

Since Princess Kate made her cancer diagnosis public in a video, the future queen has not been seen in public. That is unlikely to change any time soon, according to a new report.

The princess sat on a bench in the garden wearing a striped long-sleeved shirt and told the world in emotional words that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Princess Kate was seen saying this in a video message at the end of March. The future queen has been receiving treatment since then, but Kate did not reveal when she would next be seen in public. A new report in the magazine “The Daily Beast” could now provide a clue.

Princess Kate: No more appearances this year?

Royal expert Tom Sykes spoke to people close to Kate. “Many people involved in the planning must know well in advance what all the senior royals are doing. I’ve been told that Kate’s diary is empty for this year. Nothing is planned. She may not appear in public for the rest of the year,” a source told him. The confidant knows that this news could lead to further speculation among royal fans and adds: “I wouldn’t rule out another video message to inform the country about her health. That has proven to be a very effective way of keeping the conspiracy theorists at bay.”

The report in the “Daily Beast” has already sparked such theories. One of the phrases in it sounds strange. The princess is surrounded by her “biological family,” it says in the first paragraph. Another confidant then seems to explain in more detail who exactly is meant by the biological family. “The circle of trust is tiny. She was surrounded by Carole and Michael, and (sister) Pippa and (brother) James were of course there for her too. They are an incredibly close family, and Catherine feels completely safe when she can rely on them,” a source told the magazine.

Fans worried

The report does not mention King Charles III, his wife Camilla or other members of the Royal Family (except husband William). The term “biological family” is already causing discussion online. The fact that Kate may not appear in public again this year is also worrying her fans. Quite a few are hoping for an update on the princess’s condition from Kensington Palace.

Kate herself had only made vague comments on the matter. “We hope you understand that as a family we need some time, space and privacy now while I complete my treatment. I have always enjoyed my work and look forward to being back when I can, but right now I need to focus on making a full recovery,” she said in her video message.


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