Statistician: Many doctors will retire in the coming years

Statistician: Many doctors will retire in the coming years

According to statisticians, many doctors will hang up their coats in the coming years. Almost a third of medical and dental practitioners are 55 years old or older.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, a large proportion of doctors in Germany will retire from professional life in the coming years. A good 31 percent of human and dental doctors are 55 years or older, the statisticians announced on Monday in Wiesbaden. The proportion of this age group was therefore significantly higher than for all employed persons (26 percent). Although the number of doctors in human and dental medicine increased by a good 23 percent to 502,000 within ten years to 2023, the 55+ age group has also grown. Ten years previously, the proportion was still 26 percent.

According to statisticians, the number of foreign doctors has increased significantly over the past ten years. In 2023, it was 62,000, or just over twelve percent. Ten years earlier, it was 29,000, or seven percent. The history of immigration shows that many doctors come to Germany from abroad. Last year, 115,000 immigrant doctors worked in medicine, almost a quarter of all doctors. Some of them now have German citizenship.

According to the Federal Office, the number of new students in human medicine has risen steadily in recent years. In the winter semester of 2022/2023, 14,300 people began studying human medicine. In dentistry, the numbers remained largely constant. In the same winter semester, the number of new students was 1,900, as it was ten years earlier.

Source: Stern

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