Sylvie Meis: Family outing with son and his girlfriend

Sylvie Meis: Family outing with son and his girlfriend

Sylvie Meis shows photos of the family outing with her son and his girlfriend on Instagram. Despite the rain, the trio is in a great mood.

He currently seems to be the most important man in her life: Sylvie Meis (46) spent time in Belgium with her son Damián van der Vaart (17). Also present during the visit to the Belgian municipality of Hoogstraten was her son’s girlfriend, the Dutchwoman Romy Gentile (15).

Despite the rainy weather, the trio did not let their mood be spoiled during their trip: all three smile happily into the camera while taking a walk.

First Belgium, then Amsterdam

The next day, the presenter posted a photo from the Netherlands with the words “Good morning Amsterdam”. Her son Damián has been under contract with Ajax Amsterdam as a football player in the U-18 team since September 2023. Since then, he has lived in the Dutch capital, where he apparently also met his current girlfriend.

The 17-year-old previously lived with his father Rafael van der Vaart (41) in Denmark due to his football career. His mother was married to the former Dutch football professional from 2005 to 2013. Rafael van der Vaart also started his professional career as a teenager at Ajax Amsterdam.

Dutch-born Sylvie Meis actually lives in Germany in her adopted home of Hamburg. She has been single again since January 2024: Before that, she had been in a relationship with Dutch entrepreneur Wim Beelen for a few months. Her ex-husband Rafael van der Vaart, on the other hand, has been with Dutch handball player Estavana Polman (31) since 2016. The family lives in Denmark with their daughter, who was born in 2017.

Source: Stern

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