People: “Clown”: Robert De Niro criticizes Trump again

People: “Clown”: Robert De Niro criticizes Trump again

The actor has already attacked the former US president in an ad for US President Joe Biden. Now he spoke in New York – on the sidelines of the trial against Trump.

In a speech in front of the courthouse of the historic trial against Donald Trump, Oscar winner Robert De Niro once again found clear words against the former president. “Donald Trump doesn’t just want to destroy the city, he wants to destroy the country. And he could destroy the world at some point,” said the 80-year-old on Tuesday in New York. Trump does not belong in “my city,” De Niro continued. “I don’t know where he belongs, but he certainly doesn’t belong here.” He also called Trump “a clown.” Several media outlets carried the speech.

Robert De Niro had already found clear words for Donald Trump in a new campaign ad for President Joe Biden that is making the rounds in the US media. “We knew he was already out of control as president,” says De Niro. “Then he lost the election in 2020 – and he completely lost his mind.”

In the hush money trial against Trump, the defense and the prosecution have finished their closing arguments. It is now the jury’s turn. They will retire on Wednesday to reach a unanimous verdict. These deliberations usually last between a few hours and several days. If the jury finds the defendant guilty, Judge Juan Merchan will determine the sentence at a separate hearing. If the jurors cannot reach an agreement even after lengthy deliberations, the trial is over. It could then be reopened with a different jury.

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