Big Brother: it was determined which visitor won a house

Big Brother: it was determined which visitor won a house

Delfina and Facundo competed throughout the gala for the public vote and one of them left the house.

This Tuesday the competition between the “visitors” of the house of Big Brother Delfina Casal (daughter of Virginia Demo) and Facundo Chen (friend of Martin Ku) in which not only permanence for one more day but a house and leadership were settled.

After several reports about them, and the subsequent visits to the confessional of the four, the moment arrived when Santiago del Moro He was finally able to read the result of the public vote and culminate a truly “passionate” gala, in his words, full of discussions and tears among the “analysts.”

Which visitor took the house in Big Brother

Finally, the driver read that Delfina was chosen by the public with 53.3 of the votes against the 46.7 of Martín Ku’s friend. In this way, Facundo had to leave the house immediately, while Delfina will continue until tomorrow with her mother, and must pass on leadership to Virginia tomorrow.

Big Brother 2025

Santiago del Moro confirmed that Big Brother will have its 2025 edition. This news came after a question and answer session between the driver and his followers. “Will there be a new edition in 2025?” asked a user, to which he responded affirmatively: “Yes, in a while, we are going to tell you what is coming,” adding that this project “is going to be spectacular.”

The interaction also included other revelations, such as the moment in which the suitcase that Santiago left in the house will be opened. “Before the final,” she said, also anticipating his return to the program during “the finalists’ dinner.” The final of the 2024 edition is scheduled for July of this year, subject to non-overlap with the Copa América programming, since Telefe owns the broadcasting rights. Although Santiago did not specify the exact date, he assured that it will be that month.

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