Palestinian terrorists released new video of an Israeli hostage held in the Gaza Strip

Palestinian terrorists released new video of an Israeli hostage held in the Gaza Strip

The young man assures that in the coming days he will tell “the truth.” The family’s reaction when seeing the images of the Israeli hostage.

A new video was released by the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al Quds Brigadeswhere a Israeli hostage retained in the Gaza Strip. The young man, identified as Alexander Trufanov was captured during the attacks on October 7 in Israel.

In the images that were released in the last few hours, the hostage appears in front of the camera and speaks for approximately 30 seconds in Hebrew. It is still unknown when the video is from and where it was filmed.

The video of the Israeli hostage released by the terrorist group

Alexander Trufanov, also a Russian national, is 28 years old and was captured in the kibbutz (collective farm) Nir Oz with his father, mother, grandmother and girlfriend on October 7, the day Hamas launched the attack in Israel. During a truce where they exchanged 105 hostages for 240 Palestinian prisoners, the three women were released. Her father, Vitaly, was murdered.

“My name is Alexander Trufanov, to the citizens of Israel and the protesters, In the coming days you will hear the truth from me about what happened to me and dozens of prisoners in Gaza. “I ask you to wait with more patience,” the 28-year-old hostage begins.

The reaction of the family of the Israeli hostage

After Trufanov’s images were released, relatives spoke out about it and assured that it was very “comforting to see“, but at the same time they “break the heart“that he has been held captive for so long.

His mother, Yelena Trufanov, declared at the Forum that brings together relatives of those held in Gaza: “I call on everyone, all those responsible for making decisions, please do everything, absolutely everything, to bring my son and all the hostages home now.”

In turn, “he considered that the video is further proof that the Israeli Government must give a clear mandate to the negotiating team, which could lead to a agreement for the return of all hostages“.

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