Does your cat follow you around the house? experts explain why he does it

Does your cat follow you around the house?  experts explain why he does it

These pets can be much more affectionate than you think. This behavior has a very tender reason: find out.


It is often said that cats are cold and distant animals. However, their behavior demonstrates the opposite: these small Pets often follow their owners throughout the house.

This behavior is usually associated with smaller or younger cats. This demonstrates the trust between feline and owner. It is a psychoaffective need. In this way, a strong bond is forged where affection begins to abound.

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The reason why cats chase their owners

According to a study carried out by the University of Oregon, cats miss their owners when they are gone and they perceive them as parents. Felines, although they show an independent appearance, feel safe when they are with their owners.

Humans immerse themselves in the role of mother When they feed the cat, they clean the litter box and teach it what is good. This role provides the animal safety and guidance.

The cats They seek to mark their territory leaving its smell on objects and people, which explains this behavior. Furthermore, the fact of walking through the house with its owner works, for them, as a game, since can simulate a hunting situation.

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