Sugar Plum Fairy Make-up: Fairytale beauty look to recreate

Sugar Plum Fairy Make-up: Fairytale beauty look to recreate
Sugar Plum Fairy Make-up: Fairytale beauty look to recreate

Sugar Plum Fairy Make-up: Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy, this look is conquering the beauty world with magical, fairytale elements.

Hardly any other trend combines magical and playful elements as well as Sugar Plum Fairy makeup. Inspired by the Sugar Plum Fairy from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker,” this look, popular on TikTok and Pinterest, is characterized by pastel-colored, shimmering and glittery elements that create an ethereal, almost fairytale-like aesthetic. Especially in spring and early summer, when nature awakens again and everything blooms, this look fits perfectly with the fresh, light mood of the season.

What makes the Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup trend so special

Delicate colors such as pink, purple and light blue make up the beauty trend Sugar Plum Fairy makeup. The eyes are accentuated with shimmering or glittery eye shadows, while the cheeks are given a rosy glow thanks to lots of rouge. A particular trademark of the trend is the glowing, moist-looking skin, which is achieved by generously applying highlighter. The lips are made up in soft pink or berry tones, often with a glossy finish.

According to Pinterest’s report on festival trends for 2024, searches for this look have increased rapidly, while the hashtag has recorded almost 100 million views on TikTok. Stars and beauty role models such as (27), (32) or (27) have long been showing off their Sugar Plum Fairy makeup on Instagram.

Why the trend is particularly suitable for early summer

In spring and early summer, when the heavy winter clothes are taken off and the first warm rays of sun warm the face, the make-up also becomes lighter and fresher. The Sugar Plum Fairy look, with its dewy skin and soft colors, captures this mood perfectly.

How to achieve the look

To recreate the Sugar Plum Fairy look, follow these steps:

A light foundation or BB cream serves as a base. Then generously apply highlighter to the highest points of the face to achieve a radiant and moist finish. Then the cheeks are highlighted with rosy blush. Shimmering eye shadow in pastel colors or glitter is applied to the entire eyelid for a fairytale look. Liquid eyeliner, voluminous mascara or fake lashes further emphasize the eye area. The make-up look is rounded off with a lip gloss or lipstick in a pink, berry or mauve tone. Finally, the Sugar Plum Fairy make-up can be perfected with elements such as small rhinestones or glitter accents. Why not add a little magic to everyday life?

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