After the launch of the abuse documentary about Nick Carter: “Backstreet Boys” star goes to court

After the launch of the abuse documentary about Nick Carter: “Backstreet Boys” star goes to court

Singer Nick Carter is once again accused of sexual abuse in the recently released series “Fallen Idols”. He is shocked.

After the launch of the documentary “Fallen Idols: Aaron and Nick Carter” on May 27 on the US channel Investigation Discovery, the former Backstreet Boy singer asserts his innocence and has put his lawyers on the case.

The four-part documentary series includes interviews with Melissa Schuman, singer of the girl group Dream, Shannon “Shay” Ruth and Ashley Repp. Three women who have accused Nick Carter (44) of sexual assault in the past. Now the musician is fighting back and taking legal action again.

“These are the exact same outrageous claims that led us to sue this band of conspirators,” stressed Carter’s attorney Dale Hayes Jr. “We are confident we will prevail and hold them accountable for spreading these falsehoods.”

The allegations are serious

In the documentary, Schuman describes a sexual assault that is said to have taken place in 2002. She often told the boy band’s frontman: “‘I’m saving myself for my husband, my future husband.’ He said, ‘I could be your man.’ It was just disgusting, and that’s when I felt him putting something inside me. I didn’t see it, I didn’t try to see it. I asked him, ‘Nick, what is that?’ And he said, ‘That’s me, baby.'” She was only 18 years old at the time. The singer remained silent for years. But in 2023 she sued the world-famous musician. He defended himself with a countersuit for defamation. The series is bringing new attention to the case.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Michael Hirschorn explained that they were in contact with Nick Carter’s team during filming and regularly gave him the opportunity to comment on the allegations of abuse. He refused.

The four-part documentary “Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter” by Investigation Discovery deals in the first two episodes with the sex scandal surrounding Nick Carter and in episodes three and four with his brother Aaron Carter (1987-2022), who died in 2022.

The tragic family history of the Carters

In November 2022, Aaron Carter was found lifeless in his bathroom after taking drugs. He was 34 years old. Nick Carter has also lost two of his sisters: Leslie Carter (1986-2012) died of an overdose in 2012. Sister Bobbie Jean Carter (1982-2023) also died of drug use on December 23, 2023.

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