Victoria Beckham talks about strict diet and hard workout

Victoria Beckham talks about strict diet and hard workout

Work, sport, food: Victoria Beckham’s entire life is characterized by a lot of discipline. “That’s just the way I am,” she says in an interview with the magazine “Grazia” and reveals in which situations she doesn’t count calories.

As a professional footballer, David Beckham was used to training constantly and paying attention to his diet. But his wife Victoria is just as disciplined as him. In an interview with the British magazine “Grazia”, ​​the 50-year-old revealed what her daily routine looks like. The alarm goes off at 7 a.m. While Beckham is already answering her first emails, she makes breakfast for her twelve-year-old daughter Harper Seven, who is then taken to school by her dad David.

For Victoria Beckham, it’s still business calls and meetings for her fashion brand. A must: a 90-minute workout that she does every day with her personal trainer. She used to do endurance sports, but now she lifts weights. “I’m very disciplined when it comes to my diet, my training and my work. That’s just the way I am,” Beckham told the magazine.

Her husband David Beckham revealed what exactly ends up on her plate in the podcast “River Cafe Table 4” some time ago. “Since I’ve known Victoria, she’s only eaten grilled fish and steamed vegetables,” said the 49-year-old. Victoria Beckham herself admitted in the podcast: “For most restaurants, I’m probably their worst nightmare. I like things to be prepared very simply.” That means: no fats, no oils, no sauces. She said her favorite dish is toast with salt – without butter.

Victoria Beckham doesn’t say no to wine

At least Victoria Beckham seems to make an exception when it comes to good wine. “I like to drink something. I’m not one of those ‘Ah, a glass of wine has too many calories’ types. Life is too short. Let’s have a good time,” she told Grazia. This is also reflected in the exuberant celebration she held in London in April to mark her 50th birthday.

Only one thing recently disrupted her strict daily routine: In February, Beckham broke her left foot while playing sports. For weeks, she was unable to train properly and had to use crutches. Despite this, she did not reduce her workload. The result: the bone, which had almost healed, broke again. “I either had to avoid performing or have an operation. And an operation does not fit into my schedule,” said Beckham.

Eventually she agreed to wear an orthopedic shoe – even if it probably didn’t meet her aesthetic sensibilities. Her husband David also got her a kind of scooter that she could use to move around more quickly. “At first I just thought: ‘Is this a joke? This isn’t sexy,'” Beckham told Grazia. But she showed her sense of humor – once again – and filmed herself with the vehicle for her Instagram account. The fact that the injury healed in time for her 50th birthday and that she could wear high heels again was one of the best gifts.


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