British Royals: King Charles takes part in birthday parade

British Royals: King Charles takes part in birthday parade

The cancer-stricken monarch will take part in his birthday parade – this time, however, sitting in a carriage. Princess Kate, who also has cancer, will continue to sit out.

The British King Charles III (75) will take part in his birthday parade “Trooping the Colour” on June 15. The German Press Agency learned this from palace circles in London. According to the report, the monarch, who is suffering from cancer, will not review the parade of his guardsmen on horseback as usual, but will sit in a carriage together with Queen Camilla (76).

However, Princess Kate (42), who is also suffering from cancer, is not expected to return to public life for the time being. According to the palace, the dress rehearsal “The Colonel’s Review”, which will take place one week before the birthday parade, will be conducted by Lieutenant General James Bucknall. British media pointed out that this task should actually have fallen to Kate as “Colonel in Chief of the Irish Guards”.

At the beginning of February, the palace announced that the king was suffering from an unspecified form of cancer. He then began outpatient treatment and largely withdrew from public life. At the end of April, however, it was announced that the treatment was showing positive results and that the king would at least partially be able to attend public events again.

Kate also went public with a cancer diagnosis at the end of March. She said in a very personal video message that she had started preventative chemotherapy. In her case, too, it is not known what form of cancer she has.

Unlike the king, Kate has completely withdrawn from her duties as a royal. It is uncertain when she will return. It is not known whether the therapy is working and how she is doing now. Her husband, heir to the throne Prince William (41), also stayed away from the public eye for weeks to support his family. However, the royals have postponed most of their public appearances until after the general election scheduled for July 4th.

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