Karl Lagerfeld: A street in Hamburg is named after him

Karl Lagerfeld: A street in Hamburg is named after him

The Karl Lagerfeld Promenade has been inaugurated in Hamburg. The footpath honors one of the Hanseatic city’s most famous sons.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) may have started his global career in Paris, but he remained connected to his birthplace, Hamburg, throughout his life. Five years after the death of the fashion icon, the city on the Alster has now named a street after one of its most famous sons: On Thursday (May 30), the 155-meter-long Karl Lagerfeld Promenade was inaugurated. The footpath is located directly on an Alster canal and borders on the Neuer Wall.

Perfect location next to Chanel boutique

The location for the new Karl Lagerfeld Promenade was not chosen by chance. “Firstly, the Chanel boutique, which borders the promenade. His spiritual gas station, the Felix Jud bookstore, is also just a few hundred meters down the promenade,” explained Hamburg’s Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda (49) to NDR.

Karl Lagerfeld, who died in Paris on February 19, 2019, was born in Hamburg as the son of a canned milk manufacturer. He spent his childhood in Schleswig-Holstein. His mother Elisabeth Bahlmann (1897-1978) later sent him to a school in the French capital. Lagerfeld later famously made a career in the fashion industry there. As creative director of Chanel, he shaped the international fashion world.

Source: Stern

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