Are your pets cold? This is the way to know and protect them from low temperatures

Are your pets cold?  This is the way to know and protect them from low temperatures

Dogs are also cold, so due care must be taken with low temperatures. Details below.

With the arrival autumn and wintermany animal lovers who have a pet At home they ask themselves the same question: How can I know if my dog ​​is cold?

Like us, dogs also notice drops in temperature and experience discomfort when thermometers drop, so it is very important detect if your dog is cold and act as soon as possible to avoid more serious problems.

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How to identify if your pets are cold

It is important to identify when our pets are cold so we can attack the cause. Your furry friends may be warning you in these ways:

  • Chills or tremors: They react to the cold like we do, so shivering and shivering are ways the body reacts to try to stay warm.
  • Cold ears or body: If the ears are cold, particularly around the edges, it means your pet may be cold. You can also touch his body.
  • Cuddle: Is your dog curled up in a ball or hunched over with his tail tucked between his legs and shaking? He probably does this in an attempt to warm himself with body heat. When animals are cold, they tend to come closer to us to seek body heat.
  • Whining: If he feels uncomfortable, he may try to let you know by whining, whining, or barking.

Tips for taking care of your pets

Health Plan

Pets that have their health plan up to date with all the corresponding vaccines have greater defenses against diseases, so it is a good starting point to start caring for them.

Healthy nutrition

We must provide balanced food. That will make the winter time better. It is very important to face this time, especially in puppies and older dogs.

Maintain a dry environment

As for the interior of the house, it is key to avoid humidity and keep your shelter air-conditioned. When bathing the animal, it is recommended to do so with warm water and dry the ears well.

Be careful with the hairdresser

With temperatures so low, it is better to space out pet haircuts, and avoid them if possible and does not compromise their health. If necessary, they can be covered with animal bags and sweaters.

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