After separation from Joe Manganiello: Sofía Vergara “recycles” love tattoo

After separation from Joe Manganiello: Sofía Vergara “recycles” love tattoo

Hollywood star Sofía Vergara has found new meaning for a sentimental love tattoo that might remind her of her ex-husband.

In July 2023, acting stars Sofía Vergara (51) and Joe Manganiello (47) announced their separation. The divorce took effect last month. As a guest on the afternoon talk show “The Talk,” Vergara revealed that she is not worried about covering up a love tattoo that she once got for ex-husband Manganiello.

Sofía Vergara “recycles” love tattoo for ex-husband Joe Manganiello

Vergara was a guest on the US talk show with her 32-year-old son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. He revealed to the studio audience that he had around 34 tattoos on his skin – much to the horror of his mother Vergara. The Hollywood actress then showed her only two tattoos, each with a sentimental meaning. A small “R” commemorates her brother Rafael Vergara, who was murdered in 1998, while a “J” on her right wrist stood for Joe Manganiello.

“That was Joe Manganiello’s initial, but now it’s gone,” reports Vergara, much to the amusement of the talk show audience. But instead of getting the tattoo covered up, the actress has a more practical solution. “The guy I’m dating has the same initials,” she explains, referring to her new partner, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Saliman. Vergara calls it “recycling,” and receives thunderous applause from “The Talk” audience.

Marriage broke up because of his desire to have children

Manganiello and Vergara tied the knot in 2015. The marriage lasted seven years. After the couple filed for divorce due to what they often referred to as “irreconcilable differences,” Vergara revealed earlier this year that her husband’s desire to have children was the real reason for the split.

“My marriage broke up because my husband was younger. He wanted to have children and I didn’t want to be an old mother. I don’t think that’s fair to the baby. I respect anyone who does that, but that’s not for me anymore.”

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